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In the often-changing world of land and environmental services, we are focused on providing consistent and unparalleled expertise, along with efficiency, to our clientele. We are able to do so because of our commitment to understanding the nuances of our business. But equally important is how we provide our services. Our proficiency and professionalism is never sacrificed for our respect for, and the connection to, the communities we work in. That truly is the Prospect difference. Since 2006 Prospect has offered a broad range of land services in Western Canada. While we have augmented our offering to include environmental services, our roots and principles are well entrenched from our humble beginnings in Calgary, AB and Fort St. John, BC. And even as we have expanded our base of operations, we bring the same expertise to all our field offices dotted across the prairies using the same respectful approach.

While we are called Prospect Land and Environmental, ours is a people based business and it is the consistency and dedication of our people, relating to everyone we serve, that makes us most proud.


Prospect Land and Environmental has worked extensively within a range of industry sectors. Our expansive portfolio supports a variety of companies from sectors ranging from pipeline to power, government, utilities, oil & gas & renewable energy. Learn how Prospect Land and Environmental services can support all aspects of your project.
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Wind Turbine
"Kelt had typically sourced land and environment services from separate service suppliers – Since working with Prospect Environmental in tandem with Prospect Land we have observed a more seamless and more efficient turn around in the transfer of information which allow Kelt to reduce project cycle times which creates value for the project.
~ Ward G Nicholson,
Sr. Surface Landman, Kelt Exploration ltd

A future with Prospect

The length of time our employees have worked with us is a testament to our company’s culture and how we’ve chosen to build Prospect into an industry leader. For those who are dedicated to providing expertise and understanding in every interaction, we are proud to have them as part of our growing team. Join our group of talented land and environmental services professionals.

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