Prospect Land Services

We are proud to offer our clients exceptional value through a wide array of land services support.


  • Wellsite, Facility, Access road, Powerline, Pipeline Route Selection
  • Survey consent for wellsites, pipelines, various other types of activities
  • Coordinating pre-planning of projects with surveyor, environmental company, archaeologist to ensure potential impacts are reviewed and addressed prior to project being surveyed and acquired.
  • Liaise with regulatory agencies and stakeholders to ensure quality stakeholder relations are initiated and maintained while client objectives are met
  • Assist client with preparation and submission of regulatory applications and any required third party regulatory submission


  • Surface Leases and Right of Way Agreements
  • Project Notification and Consultation
  • Flaring Notifications
  • First Nations Consultation
  • Project Management of surveyors, archaeologists, environmental companies to ensure all deliverables are in place to meet client's timelines
  • Full administrative services including title searches, third party consents, stakeholder linelists, auditing of survey mapping, generation of audit and construction packages

On-going Support

  • Rent Reviews
  • Field Level ERP consultations
  • Registration of documents and caveats
  • Stakeholder Engagement during and after Project Construction
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures
  • Road Use Administration

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Prospect Environmental Services

Our dedication to sustainability and providing services to entities that must be mindful of environmental impact is a growing area within our offering. Prospect’s expertise in these areas is counted on by many companies and individuals.

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