Registration of Interests on Title - BC

A key and often overlooked component of a comprehensive Surface Land Management Program is the registration of interest on title via the BC Land Titles office.  Registering and maintaining your surface land interest such as a Statutory Right of Way or Surface Lease protects your interest in that land in the event of a change in ownership or disagreement with the surface landowner. In BC, the Oil and Gas Commission also issues tenure documents for interests on Crown land. These documents must also be registered with Land Titles.  

Our capable and experienced registration team are happy to assist clients in managing registrations of a variety of interests on title.

Our Team:  

·        Works closely with BC Land Surveyors to register Legal Plans, Statutory Rights of Way and Surface Leases with BC Land Titles

·        Maintains a strong working relationship with BC Land Titles Office and has a clear understanding of BC Land Titles Regulations and Property Transfer Tax implications

·        Handles Transfer of Ownership of Registration associated with Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture activities

·        Closely follows changes within BC Land Titles Registration ensuring we are using the most recent forms and following up to date processes such as web filing, changes due to COVID-19 restrictions and amendments to associated Regulations affecting Land Titles.


Please contact Shelley Kliewer, Corporate Administrator for more information.

Registration of Interests on Title - BC
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